Build Your Dream Home From the Ground Up

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Were you one of those kids who had your dream home all planned out-the white picket fence, the wraparound porch and the golden retriever in the backyard? The home you've always wanted is just a call away with Severson Enterprise. We offer new home construction for our clients and can build everything except the furry friend.

Even if you just need an addition to your home, you can turn to us to build sunrooms, bonus rooms, offices and any other new construction. Contact us today to discuss your plans with an expert contractor.

What you should know for your consultation

What you should know for your consultation

Before we start your home building project, there are a few things we need from you. You should figure out:

  • What paperwork is relevant to your build
  • Your budget for the project
  • Design ideas for your home

We're happy to help you with any questions, but knowing these things ahead of time will make the consultation process that much easier. When you're ready to start your building project, call 406-599-9891 immediately to get started.