Meet Jared Severson

Meet Jared Severson

The Face Behind Severson Enterprise

I got into my line of work in high school. I got a job doing remodels after school and fell in love. That job led me to a company installing custom closets, garage floors, Murphy beds, and cabinets. 

I was doing really high end work in the state’s nicest homes. I saw an opportunity to make more money starting my own business and pulled the trigger in 2015. 

I am certified in welding in many different processes, and have an Associate of Science in Welding Technology. I feed off of the reaction of a satisfied customer at the end of a job. Building relationships and having happy customers that come back and/or refer my business to others is what drives me. 

For fun I love to snowmobile the back country in the winter, play on the water in the summer, and travel all over. 

My favorite quote: “Hustle until you don’t have to introduce yourself.” 
My nickname: J-Rod
My favorite drink: Pendleton Water

I can't wait to meet you and get started on your next project!